Welcome To The New ESS Recruit

As you will have noticed ESS has undergone a significant rebrand.

You would be forgiven for thinking this was just a case of “it’s time for a freshen up” but there is much more to it than that.

With a lot of expert help from the teams at LEWIS and Crunchy Carrots the brand colours, logo and company name were chosen to reflect our desire to keep it simple.

We hope you like the change – we love it!

As a team we have been working for nearly 12 months on the business. When 3 brands come together to form one it is never going to be easy. There was of course lots of debate, lots of laughs and the odd tear along the way.

The outcome? We found that as a team we share a strong set of common values; a desire to do the right thing, keep processes simple, remove jargon and work ethically.

We want to stand out for doing the right thing. This now underpins everything we do as individuals and as a company which is reflected in our business motto:

“Simple and Ethical Recruitment”

I want to take the opportunity to thank some very important people who helped make this possible.

Kai Murray & Barry Mole for helping us shape the new brand, its vision and values (and for refereeing when required!)

David Lewis and the team at Lewis Creative Consultants. You’ve turned a vague idea into an amazing brand!

Scott Henderson – Crunchy Carrots and Luke McConnell and the Crunchy Carrots guys. Our web gurus! Patience must be their middle name!

Sandie Knudsen & David Ho for the fabulous new head shots.

Orange: Fresh, Engaging, Energetic, Warm Blue: Honest, Simple, Reliable, Sincere

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